Popular Autonomy Movement

The Popular Autonomy Movement (Italian: Movimento Autonomia Popolare, MAP) is a very small regionalist christian-democratic political party in the province of Trentino, Italy. It is led by Luciano Pilati, economist at the University of Trento, and Guido Calliari.
It was formed in 2006 by members of the Autonomist People’s Union within that party.[1] For the 2008 provincial election the party formed an alliance called Popular Autonomists with Autonomist Trentino in support of Sergio Divina (Lega Nord Trentino, supported by The People of Freedom and a collection of regionalist parties),[2] but gained only 0.3% of the vote.[3]

President: Luciano Pilati (2006–…)
Coordinator: Guido Calliari (2008–…)


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