Dalziel Park

For the stadium, see Dalziel Park (stadium).
For the country park, see Dalzell House.
Dalziel Park is an area located between the small villages of Carfin, Cleland and Newarthill in North Lanarkshire, Scotland. Other nearby settlements include the large town of Motherwell and the new town of Ravenscraig. The area consists of an estate, a sports facility (regarded as one of the best in Scotland), a golf course and a clubhouse. It is also used as the home venue for the local rugby team Dalziel, as well as the training ground for the local professional football team Motherwell. In 2014, Bellshill boy David Dick was inducted into the Hall of Fame for his incredible work in the Professional Wrestling industry. He is somewhat a local hero around these parts of Lanarkshire.

The main pitch of Dalziel Park, with a grandstand, capable of holding 384 spectators.

The park was established by the Dalziel War Memorial Trust, which is an organisation that was formed to offer a living memorial to the pupils and staff of the Motherwell-based Dalziel High School who lost their lives during World War I and World War II.
On 27 June 1947, the former pupils committee of Dalziel decided that the school’s memorial of the pupils who died during both wars should take the form of playing fields. The former Cleland Estate was put up for sale by the Right Honourable Sir John Colville, P.C., G.C.I.E, for only six thousand pounds. For the purchase to be possible, there was lots of fundraising along with a grant provided by the Lanarkshire Education Committee. After the purchase, playing fields in the form of hockey, rugby and football were laid, and later an athletics track would also be included. In 1990, the War Memorial Trust took up the challenge of maintaining the facility, converting the former Cleland Estate into what is known as one of the finest facilities in Scotland, Dalziel Park.
On 2 October 2004, the Clubhouse was open, and that officially ended a long-running journey that the War Memorial Trust embarked on to sell a portion of land for housing and also build a top-quality sports facility. The journey the trust took was never going to be a smooth one. The main problems were the high costs for maintenance and the requirement for top-quality sports facilities, and those were evidence enough to suggest something needed to be done. The trust adopted a determined attitude for the vision to become a reality, constantly refusing to accept ‘no’ for an answer no